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In doing so, the public started to conceive truth not from what they saw, but from what journalism fed them.

Lippman argued that though journalists were efficiently disseminating information, the issues that they featured failed to give a comprehensive view on the real state of society.

Sister companies of a corporation will team up to effectively set the agenda and create what Lippman calls a pseudo-environment.

This shall give the impression that the series of prefabricated circumstances is part of reality.

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Please do not think for a second that I am taking Jinxie's side, the atheist tattooed mother.

Also, the Evangelical house was run by "man law." The man earns the money, then comes home and sits on the couch.

He never helps out with the house work or cooking and considers that work "not manly." The woman is not allowed to work outside the home and must cook and clean for "her king."Over in the atheist house, the father did everything in his power to make Karen, the Evangelical, feel bad.

Similar to the elaboration likelihood model, the public may be encouraged to think cognitively (central route) or affectively (peripheral route).

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The cognitive approach is usually used in grave matters that require elaboration such as issues about state, religion and societal attributes.Overall, both families learned how they could change for the better and it was a meaningful experience. But the best part was the friction and crazy religious screaming.