Chemical dating uraninite

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These dating results clarify the formation time of the final phase (pegmatite) of the Shartash intrusion and determine the upper age limit of hydrothermal gold mineralization (Berezovsk deposit) associated with the granite massif.

The Cuddapah basin in southern India, consisting of the Palnad, Srisailam, Kurnool and Papaghni sub-basins, contains unmetamorphosed and undeformed sediments deposited during a long span of time in the Proterozoic.

Globally, the distribution of uranium ore deposits is widespread on all continents, with the largest deposits found in Australia, Kazakhstan, and Canada.

To date, high-grade deposits are only found in the Athabasca Basin region of Canada.

Uranium has the highest atomic weight of the naturally occurring elements and is approximately 70% denser than lead, but not as dense as tungsten, gold, platinum, iridium, or osmium. The davidite-brannerite-absite type uranium titanates, and the euxenite-fergusonite-samarskite group are other uranium minerals.

A large variety of secondary uranium minerals are known, many of which are brilliantly coloured and fluorescent.

The Id-e zones affected by a radiation dose of (30-130) × 10 α-dec/g were completely amorphized, and their chemical isochron age was estimated at 311.4 ± 7.1 Ma: this is interpreted as the time of zircon formation in the pegmatite.

The age of uraninite coupled with zircon is 317.1 ± 2.3 Ma.

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Hydrothermally altered zircons both in the basement and the cover provide concordant ages of 2.32 and 2.12 Ga and date two major hydrothermal events.India: implications for the emplacement age and Hf isotopic composition of the cratonic mantle.