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Orthodox author David Goa states that family is a spiritual community whose vocation is grounded in the call to holiness.This vocation includes nurturing members toward union with Christ for the sake of the life of the world.Christian young people were promised that remaining sexually pure would guarantee mind-blowing marital sex later.

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Yet, since Harris wrote his book in 1997, the fastest growing portion of young adults in the prime marrying ages (20-34) are those who are neither married nor cohabiting, accounting for nearly 60 percent of young adults in Canada. Harris acknowledges in his e-book that delayed entry into marriage and the elongated path into adulthood provide unique challenges for Christians living by a Christian sexual ethic.The documentary, which was released Nov 20, 2018 at Exploration, follows Harris on a listening tour as he engages readers, authors, and other observers regarding the impact of his early book.Yet there’s a bigger issue at stake, outside Harris’ book, published in 1997, with its marketable title landed on fertile ground previously tilled by Christian sexual abstinence and purity campaigns, which Harris suggests influenced his writing.However, Harris warns that popular Christian approaches to partnership, sex, and marriage are often constructed on unacknowledged cultural assumptions about sexuality.

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He explores this error in his free e-book, Grant writes, “our inability to perceive the influence of cultural misinformation is undermining the power of the Christian gospel to guide and form people so they can walk its pathway to sexual maturity.” Discussions of sexuality in Christian circles often assume that sexual fulfillment is essential to personal fulfillment.Not because of the intent, but because the deep, rich and beautiful orthodox Christian understanding of sex and marriage is lost amidst sloganeering rallies that were poor Christian cousins to MTV and the dominant culture.

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