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After landing her first role in a small film in Louisiana, her family relocated to LA to support her acting career. Barney & Friends as Debby in 2006.#1 Her debut album “One” was released in June, 2014.#2 She’s a fan of proper written English, but she doesn’t like to capitalize her name.Song appeared in a 1995 narrative short film Requiem for her role as Young Fong.Song was a part of the American sitcom Thunder Alley, where she played the role as Kathy in 2 episodes from 1994 to 1995. She had been pictured multiple times going to the Tracy Anderson gym in her yoga pants with a water bottle to stay hydrated.And, PJ (Jason Dolley) becomes a budding chef and makes elaborate dinners for the family, but is frustrated when Bob (Eric Allan Kramer) starts taking it for granted.“Return to Super Adventure Land” premieres Sunday, October 23rd @ 8PM ET/PT on Disney Channel. brenda song is an Asian, American actress, singer and songwritter.she is born march 27 1985 and she is 23 year's old.

She was a part of the group of where she performed with other stars from Disney Channel TV series and took part in recordings.Her father was in military, so her family moved to numerous places in Europe. Debby Ryan’s natural hair color oscillates between bright red and auburn. In 2012, she revealed that she’s working on her own clothing line.