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Although Joe tinkers with the reactor, his repairs (hitting it numerous times with a pair of pliers and then pulling out a circuit board) fail to produce the desired effect, and he announces that the whole station will blow up unless everyone (save for two people) goes into suspended animation pods for 50 years so they can shut the station down and wait for help.

The crew, with the exception of Bill (who is paranoid that someone else will wind up making just as much money when he wakes up) and Matthew (who tells his android girlfriend to take his place—even though, as she tries to point out, she doesn't need oxygen or food to survive) get into the pods.

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Jimmy's search for a wife has narrowed the list to 29. Jimmy loses Bill in a poker game, and Lisa has to try to win him back. Dave tries to reassure the staff that an underwhelming magazine critique is not as bad as it sounds.

Ray Romano was originally slated to play the "Electrician" character, but both Romano and the show's producers mutually agreed that he was not a good fit for the show.

Dave and Lisa's disagreement over how to respond to an on-air gaffe by Matthew leads to a romantic encounter and the start of a secret office relationship. This is the first appearance of Joe Rogan as Joe and Khandi Alexander as Catherine.

This episode is filled with movie/television parodies, particularly Beth's hallucinations, which are inspired by the horror films she saw with Matthew (Aliens, A Nightmare on Elm Street). Dave agrees to let the staff review each other, while Jimmy takes a con artist to court. Desperate to keep "The Real Deal" on the air despite floundering ratings, Bill and Lisa attempt to interview Jerry Seinfeld in a restaurant and record the results.

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Joe teaches Jimmy the secret masonic word "Tubal-cain" that might automatically win him the court case. Maura Tierney does not appear in this episode because she was filming Liar Liar. Matthew reveals to everybody that he is still a virgin (at 28½), and subsequently loses his virginity to his gorgeous girlfriend in the breakroom.

Guest stars Janeane Garofalo as Nancy, and Bill Geisslinger as Tom P. Beth attempts to take nude pictures of herself for her boyfriend. Dave and Lisa consider revealing their relationship.

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