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He meets Eliza, who has two children and is in the slave pit with him.They are then transported by river boat, along with other slaves, where he is forced to toss a dead man who revolted into the water.Personal wardrobe consulting, closet makeovers, and VIP hours will bring a more customized fashion experience to clients. Revente offers the modern conveniences of shopping, including e-commerce, a loyalty program, events, and an effort to showcase local designers. The film flashes back and forth through time of Solomon being a slave, and his time as a free man.

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Even though Ford treats him decently, he is merely treated as "prized livestock." Tibeats later tries to whip Solomon for no reason, Solomon fights back which almost leads to his lynching. Ford saves his life, however realizes he must sell him to another plantation owner, to avoid any more trouble.

“I’ve always been a big fan of Bon Air,” said Marian, “so I was thrilled when the perfect spot opened up.

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