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In the middle of the price range is the Conference Cam, which is a multipurpose device that combines audio, video, and call control into a single reliable unit.The Hue HD is a little bit different than the average webcam and it's often used by teachers to make their jobs easier.The all-in-one Logitech Conference Cam is an effective option for long-distance small-business communication.It includes everything you need to get up to speed with partners and clients around the world, and it's compatible with most UC-certified products.As with a number of different types of computer peripherals, they've developed somewhat of a stranglehold on the webcam category, though they certainly aren't the only group to produce a worthwhile product.

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The first webcams in the 1990s were installed in public places and provided the kind of live, linked feeds employed worldwide today by everything from police departments to traffic reporters and creepy neighbors.

There aren't many that can record in 4K aside from the Logitech Brio, which is even able to collect HDR imaging data for high-contrast playback.

To use its Ultra HD mode, however, you'll need at least a 7th-generation Intel Core processor or a 10-series Nvidia GPU.

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Whether you're Skyping with family and friends, installing a home security system, or setting up professional teleconferencing in the office, a quality webcam is the place to start.With a wide range of physical configurations and image qualities, our comprehensive list is sure to include the right solution for your digital video recording needs, whatever your budget may be.