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Most notably, however, were the two robberies committed by masked road-agent William Whitney Brazelton. to send special agent and future Pima County sheriff Bob Paul to investigate.

Brazelton held-up two stages in the summer of 1878 near Point of Mountain Station approximately seventeen miles northwest of Tucson. Fort Lowell, then east of Tucson, was established to help protect settlers from Apache attacks.

From 1867 to 1877, Tucson was the capital of Arizona Territory.

Southern Arizona was legally bought from Mexico in the Gadsden Purchase, by the United States from Mexico on June 8, 1854.

The Overland Mail Corporation attempted to continue operations, however following the Bascom Affair, devastating Apache attacks on the stations and coaches ended operations in August 1861.

From August 1861, until mid-1862, Tucson was the western capital of the Confederate Arizona Territory, the eastern capital being Mesilla.

1877, the Tucson was incorporated, making Tucson the oldest incorporated city in American people's land of Arizona.

From 1877 to 1878, the Tucson area suffered from a rash of stagecoach robberies.

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Tucson and all of what is now Arizona was part of New Mexico Territory until 1863, when it became part of the new Arizona Territory.

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