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25-Mar-2020 17:01

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They love, hurt, have daily challenges and struggles, and strive to be the best they can be.

Sex-positivity — the feminist movement that’s pushing to destigmatize sex — should be great for women.

Women like Samantha Jones from “Sex and the City” have been coded as empowering because of the high number of casual sexual encounters they have.

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There seems to be a kind of disrespect of women’s autonomy during casual sexual encounters, which doesn’t make the experience any better.

When I think about my own one-night stands, I realize I can relate: It seems to me that many men copy what they’ve learned from porn with no comprehension of the fact that women aren’t a monolith.

This is a symptom of the larger cultural disease that treats women as if we’re all the same.

When I tell other women I’m taking a break from non-relationship sex, they tell me they understand completely.

They aren’t swearing off casual sex because they want serious relationships or because they can’t handle casual arrangements — which is the prevailing cultural stereotype about women.I think back to all the casual encounters I’ve had since college, in which I gave men blowjobs while they seemed completely uninvested in getting me off.