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26-Oct-2020 03:48

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I'm also sick now unfortunately with a stomach virus, so I don't know how to handle this or process it or confront her, especially when I'm feeling so terrible.

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I told her that was bullshit and she shouldn't have ever let it begin....she then started trying to turn it on me which I shut down immediately.Next, she tried to claim that it was because she was lonely and finally had someone else paying attention to her. I shut that down quickly too because a full time job is not 'too much', and she interacts with lots of other people.Just before that there were 5 professional looking sex pictures of close up sex positions saved in the gallery, Clearly probably what they were talking about liking or doing. I'm really pissed because our relationship had been going good I thought. I was out for an entire month because she had surgery (and a second surgery due to complications) and I wanted to be there with her to help her get back on her feet 100 percent.

I was there for her when she needed me (as I always am) and this feels like a knife in the back.I am going to confront her in a little while and see how she responds.